This sci-fi places in the ten years after the end of the first film. Ten years after the conquest of freedom, alpha ape leader Caesar (Andy Serkis) and the other monkeys live alone in the forest near Muir San Francisco. There, these intelligent primates and genetically developed, created its own community based on mutual support, so that they can keep. Meanwhile, the human face one of the biggest epidemics of all time, caused by a virus created in a laboratory, called simian influenza (“flu simian”). That this virus does not affect apes and appears to have originated them. And in ten years ended with much of the human race. Given this, a group of survivors led by Dreyfus (Gary Oldman) wants to attack the monkeys to use them as guinea pigs in the search for a vaccine. Only Malcolm (Jason Clarke), who knows how monkeys live, to have won the confidence of Caesar, would prevent the clash to happen.